Dream Canada – #AtoZChallenge Theme reveal

Dream Canada

Long long ago….. wait a second… Nah… Not too long ago a friend leaving for the UK asked for some information and caused all the tornado after that.

It had been 4 years since our return to India but life wasn’t what we had imagined it would be. Every time I would shudder before catching a Mumbai local train, heave a deep sigh looking at an unticked list of places we wanted to visit and wonder where my life was headed.

You know, for some people life should be quiet, calm like a lake while for some, life should be like a river always flowing, moving in a certain direction, exploring unchartered territories. I am the second type. I don’t like it quiet and settled for too long.

Unfortunately ever since we landed back in India, life had been that quiet lake, not much happening except for the change of the season (not much choice there either since Mumbai has only 2 seasons heat and rain) and the periodic visits from migratory birds (Read friends and family settled abroad).

So this one friend left for the UK and asked for some guidance resulting in a tsunami of nostalgia for London. I loved London from the bottom of my heart and no matter how much time passed the love remained unfazed. In fact it grew every time I was frustrated with Mumbai. OK. Mumbai lovers don’t take it personally but Mumbai is a lot to take in especially for a person not born there.

Hubby dear was facing his own set of challenges. In fact, we took turns to wake up in the middle of the night or stay up wondering what were we doing, where our life was headed. The expectations to be available for workplaces at any time & any day without a notice, corporate environments, toxic colleagues, backbiting & politics was getting to us frequently. Add chaotic, dizzying speed of Mumbai to it. It’s funny how I often got a feeling of running on a treadmill, where we were running for miles relentlessly and yet would be in exactly the same spot when we got off it.

At times, it would be so difficult for me to handle everything that we would escape without any plans, just to be away from Mumbai even if for a few hours.

So we decided to move on in life, we decided to migrate. Over 30 days of April, I will be sharing our journey, challenges, ups & downs and most importantly some useful guidance and tips for those who are considering the same.

I hope this will also help many friends who have been approaching me for help with the process. A word of caution though, it is all based on our experiences. Every person’s situation and journey could be different.

So ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your set belts and join me on this journey to Dream Canada.

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