Go-getter attitude – #AtoZChallenge

Go-getter attitude

Before and after receiving the visa I met many people who had either thought of migrating or had started the process but lost the momentum. What kept us going was our go-getter attitude.

When we calculated our score the first time, we were nowhere near the points being selected for Express Entry. The first time we got our IELTS results, our points were 366 whereas the lowest score selected for Express Entry was 457, that too in only one or two months ever since the start of Express Entry program.

Getting our IELTS result was a mixed experience for us. We were both pleasantly surprised by the descent scores we got without any classes and preparing all by ourselves. But when we looked at our prospects of getting an invitation to apply for the Express Entry, we were far from the goal. We needed at least 450 points to have a remote chance of getting an invitation.

We spent about 2-3 days in sad states. But we soon pulled ourselves together. The only way to improve our points for Express Entry application was to improve our IELTS scores, especially mine (as the primary applicant). So we pulled up our socks and started working again.

I spent about 5-6 hours every day working hard on IELTS, especially on Writing & Speaking. I sought help from friends who had impeccable English speaking and started practising with them daily to be able to speak naturally and get feedback on my speaking. I would spend 3-4 hours to write one essay for the writing task. (more about it in the IELTS – Writing post).

And we did it on the second attempt. I scored 9 in Reading (highest band), 8.5 in Listening, and 7.5 each in Writing and Speaking! Hubby dear improved his score too.With our united IELTS results, we reached a score of 431. And guess what?

By the time we received our IELTS scores, surprisingly the lowest score being selected for Express Entry program had dropped drastically to 415 points! That meant we had bright chances of getting an invitation to apply in the next draw. It felt as if for the first time in life the goal post was walking towards us. The more we walked towards it, the more it too walked towards us. This was the lesson for life. If you pursue something with all your might, even destiny will grant you some allowances.

Here are few things I told myself whenever I felt low or was tempted to give up

1. Only mediocre life promises a smooth life (many times even that doesn’t assure smooth life and it hits turbulence too). It is life, it is bound to be full of ups and downs.

2. If I try my best I have 50% chances of succeeding, if I don’t then I have 0% chances of succeeding.

3. No great life or achievement was made of smooth life, nor will be mine if I ever want to do even slightly better than a stereotypical life.

4. It is OK to feel low, everybody faces it at some time. The trick lies in being able to recover every time you feel so and start afresh with renewed zeal.

5. If I try and still fail at least I will have the satisfaction of having tried when I die, instead of wondering ‘What if?’


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