5 Foods that are dangerous for your teeth – A guest post by Tina Basu


This guest post is written by Tina Basu as part of the 6th anniversary celebration of my blog.


One must be aware of the foods that can cause damage to your teeth. Leftover sugar from drinks and candies is used by the plaque bacteria to produce acids and break down enamel. Here’s a list of foods that are dangerous for your teeth and oral hygiene.

You have grown up listening to the advice of brushing your teeth twice a day, using a dental floss regularly and visiting the dentist once in a while to keep your oral hygiene good. But have you taken care of the food that are detrimental for your teeth? Most of the times, we don’t care about our health till something is wrong. But there are some irreparable damages that you cannot undo later, so it’s better you take precaution and take care. Here’s a list of 5 foods that are dangerous for your teeth and you should either avoid them or switch to their healthier alternative to keep your teeth healthy.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are synonymous to our breakfast. You need a steaming cup the moment you wake up to get your system running. Some people consume numerous cups of tea or coffee a day – all that however, isn’t good news for your pearly whites! The tannic acids in coffee and in some variants of tea aggravates wearing down of your tooth enamel and leave a brown stain on your teeth. Try to reduce consumption of tea and coffee or switch to a healthier alternative of green tea or jasmine tea.

tea coffee

Soda/ Aerated Drinks

Soda has nothing in it that is good for your health or your teeth. In fact the combination of sugar, acids and carbonation is damaging to your teeth enamels. Over a period of time regular soda consumption leads to tooth erosion and decay because of its sugars and acids. Avoid as much as you can if you want your teeth to be safe.

Sour Candy

Everyone knows candies are bad for your oral hygiene because it contains sugar. But wat about the candies that are less sweet and are rather sour? DO you think they have less sugar? More than sugars the worrying factor are the different kinds of acids that are tougher on your teeth. These chewy sour candies stick to your teeth for a longer time and are more likely to cause decay.

Citrus Juice

Had fresh orange juice for breakfast and feeling happy how you chose fresh juice over packaged one? Think twice. Citrus fruits like orange, grape fruit, lemon have very high acid content that makes teeth more vulnerable to decay. If you are having mouth sores – avoid citrus juice at any cost. Have citrus fruits in moderation and always wash your mouth after consumption so that no juice is left on the teeth.

fruit juice

Potato Chips

Are you surprised to see your favourite snack in this list? They are neither sweet, nor coloured, nor carbonated – then why are they here? Potato chips or wafers are loaded with starch. They are crunchy at first and chewy in a second. They stick to your teeth and gums in no time. They are particularly notorious for feeding the bacteria in plaque. You can’t stop at having just one chips, can you? A pack of chips produces enough acid to last on your teeth for long, get trapped between your teeth and feed the bacteria for long. Brush and floss after consuming potato chips to keep your teeth healthy.

potato chips

While we all take our health for granted – once your tooth starts decaying, as an adult you can’t get fresh set of teeth back unless you want to opt for dentures! It’s always better to take care of your teeth when they are there than to regret later. Rinse your mouth after every meal, brush twice every day, specially at night. Visit a dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy and have the bright white pearly smile intact!


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