Book Review : Rukhsat The Departure

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Rukhsat The Departure is a collection of 26 short stories with interwoven characters. The book explores those unexplored dark corners inside human minds. Some stories were so intense that I had to take breaks in between.

The author has balanced rich language with simplicity wonderfully. I enjoyed those unannounced connections between the stories when suddenly I discovered the connection with another story. Although the stories dwell in a dark space, there are no two stories with any similarity.

I took this book with me on a train journey in second class compartment jampacked with people travelling for Diwali holidays and as I progressed through the book I could see a connection between the characters and those around me.

These are stories of common people like you and me and yet the edge in each of them hits you in the face.

My most favourite stories were Karan, Omi, Palash, Qamar, Reena, Thammaiah & Yasmin.

Rating : 4 / 5

About Author – Sujit Banerjee

A post-graduate in Psychology from Patna University, Sujit has combined his understanding of human minds with his exploration of the world as a tour operator in this book. He has done a commendable job even though this is his first work of fiction.

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