Brave or stupid – #AtoZChallenge

Brave or stupid

Whenever we told about our decision to migrate, people had only 1 of 2 reactions ‘You are brave’ or ‘You must be insane’ (their faces said ‘stupid’). Even we were torn between these two, are we being brave here or are we being stupid? We asked this question to ourselves many times before and during the process.

We both had careers. And even though I didn’t have a secured job, I was self-employed and was earning enough. We had settled down in one city for a long time (6 years!) (yeah that’s the longest I have ever lived in one city ever since I left my parents’ for education). We didn’t have everything we wanted in our home but had enough to lead a cosy, comfortable life. We had some friends, knew all the places, knew hangout places. Why would we want to leave everything behind, go to a country where we don’t have any family and have just one friend, struggle our way from the bottom again and be prepared to live uncomfortable life for at least a year?

We had long discussions about it all and ta the end reached a conclusion. A decision is what we make of it. When we had migrated to the UK about 7-8 years ago, we had landed there during 2008-9 recession and although we didn’t really regret our choice of country, we did regret our timing.

And when we moved back to India, we regretted moving back to India from the very day we landed here. But all in all our stay in India hadn’t been too bad. I could finally see my deem of being self-employed true, I learnt some of the skills I always wanted to, started this blog, self published a travel book. I had done a lot than I had imagined I would when we moved to India.

Many times we are so focused on the rearview mirror that we forget to see what’s up ahead. And while we are submerged in past memories and nostalgia, we miss the scenic views in front of us.

No decision is good or bad unless we prove it so through our actions. If we do something wholeheartedly, keep looking for opportunities and make most of it when we find one then that decision is proved to be right. When we are too busy questioning a decision then we do everything half-heartedly. We don’t give our 100% to it. And thus prove it to be wrong.

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  1. I agree with you! People have their opinions no matter what we do, we shouldn’t let that affect the decisions we make. Also, it is good not to think too much about the past and rather focus on the opportunities that are ahead of us.

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