Express Entry Canada – Step by step process #AtoZchallenge

Canada Express Entry

Below is the step by step process for Express Entry Canada

(*Note: This is prepared based on the information when we applied i.e. 2017)

Express Entry Canada steps

Now here are some tips to improve your score

  1. IELTS – If you score CLB 9 or more (Listening – 8, Reading – 7, Writing – 7, Speaking 7) then you get 25 bonus points for your bachelor’s degree obtained outside Canada & 25 bonus points for your work experience outside Canada (only if you have 3+ years experience in one field).
  2. Scoring band mentioned in point 1 above also gives you additional points for IELTS. In fact, if you score CLB 10 or above (Listening – 8.5, Reading – 8, Writing – 7.5, Speaking 7.5) then you get maximum possible points i.e. 32 points for each of these = total 128 points
  3. IELTS score of your spouse – If your scouse achieves CLB 9 or above (Listening – 8, Reading – 7, Writing – 7, Speaking 7) then he/she can get 5 points for each test, increasing total points by 20
  4. Education – If you or your spouse are pursuing a master’s or Doctorate then it will be a good idea to wait till you finish. But remember the degree has to be assessed by government approved Canadian body to be eligible to claim those points. But if the degree is not already in progress then don’t start pursuing one just for the sake of the Express Entry program since it will take at least 1-2 years to complete a degree and the primary applicant loses 5 points with every birthday after he/she has crossed age of 29 years. So do your math carefully.
  5. The points for age are maximum if the primary applicant is in the range 20-29 years old. But having said that, it doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance if you have crossed that age. I have seen people migrating in their 40s and early 50s too.
  6. Second language proficiency – Canada has two official languages – English & French. If you know both of these languages then you can appear for tests evaluating your proficiency in both of them and score even better. Again if you are thinking of starting on your second language now, refer the point 4 above and do the math for your case.

Refer – for detailed breakdown of the points and see if you can find any more ways to score better points.

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