The Free Bird – Flash Fiction writing #FridayPhotoFiction


This story is written as part of Friday Foto Fiction. It is a Weekly Blog Hop to celebrate fiction writing co-hosted by Tina & Mayuri. They give a photo prompt every week and participants need to write a flash fiction based on the photo in 100-150 words.


She had waited for this day all her life.

Born after a painful wait of many years, she was the apple of her parents’ eyes. They wouldn’t let out of their sight even for a day. She yearned for the camps, overnight trips and all the fun her friends had in school days. She was torn between the desire to explore the world and having to hurt her parents to do that.

This marriage was her ticket. Thousands of miles from here, a new country, different culture it was just perfect.

Brian wasn’t a bad choice either.



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  1. Your story reminded me of a friend who was always in a dilemma whether to follow her heart or her parents. I really wish parents give the space and adequate freedom to their kids to help them explore, spread their wings, and fly like a bird. Cheers! 🙂

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