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This story is written as part of Friday Foto Fiction. It is a Weekly Blog Hop to celebrate fiction writing co-hosted by Tina & Mayuri. They give a photo prompt every week and participants need to write a flash fiction based on the photo in 100-150 words.


Madhura found Rohit staring at the board in Aryan’s room again.

She gently put her hand on his shoulder.

“He was a genius!” Rohit marvelled.

“Yes, you told me, sweetheart”

“How come we never saw his potential?”

Madhura took a deep breath and sighed.

“Maybe we were too busy to make him fit in with the other kids”

It had been a year since Aryan committed suicide. Madhura & Rohit were still coming to terms with the reality. For the first time, Rohit was taking interest in Aryan. Madhura wished he had done it earlier.




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  1. That’s the sad part when kid has to take such steps because his desires and dreams do not get much needed attention and recognition. Instead comparison takes place of encouragement. Very well written plot touching all the emotions. Guilt of a parent, proud feeling thinking about their kids potential and the sad part of not able to realize it when they had time and now they can’t bring their kid back.

    MothersGurukul has recently posted

  2. Oh my, I was just having the same discussion with one of my friends offline today.
    Very touchy and emotional story G.. I wish our tribe (parents) learn to keep expectations at par with reality.

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