Reunion – Photo Flash Fiction #FridayFotoFiction

This story is written as part of Friday Foto Fiction. It is a Weekly Blog Hop to celebrate fiction writing co-hosted by Tina & Mayuri. They give a photo prompt every week and participants need to write a flash fiction based on the photo in 100-150 words.


School reunion! They were meeting after a long gap of 22 years. Samiha had intentionally avoided any contact with them all these years.

Somebody found contacts for a couple of them and started a WhatsApp group which kept growing over past year. But Samiha stayed out of it even after constant persuasion from her best friend Radha.

Over many months they had a blast on the group, especially teasing Uday about why he was still single.

They planned an informal get together of camping overnight by a lake.

Samiha felt nervous expecting quizzical looks about her divorce and being a single mother.

But to her relief, everybody welcomed her without a single uncomfortable question while Uday was an easy target for all the leg pulling.

Sitting by the campfire, he held her hand and finally opened his heart. Love rekindled right under the stars.



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  1. Why aren’t all blogs so lovely? Play God in 150 words… giving life a chance to life. Lovely one Gayatri. Happy that friends came together and 3 souls united as one.

    This is a “lived happily ever after…” Blog.

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