The noise within – A guest post by Sujit Banerjee

The noise within

This guest post is written by Sujit Banerjee as part of the 6th anniversary celebration of my blog.


With each passing day, the mind is getting more and more agitated. Gone are the days of mindless living, carefree actions and thoughtlessness. The noise inside keeps growing louder and louder.

It was not that there was no noise earlier. In fact it was more but I did not hear them, too busy with the noise outside. The flush of youth, if self importance, job and competition, friends, travel, alcohol, sex – there was noise enough to drown what was inside.

Building a nest, family, responsibilities, births and deaths. Distractions were galore and somehow the soul was forgotten and it sat in a corner with bowed head, un-noticed, un-loved and ignored. Without nourishment it shrivelled.

Now with age – with the noise outside dimming each passing day, the noise within is growing. At times it is deafening – overpowering all sense and I find myself turning to that lost soul. I am dusting it, cleaning it, feeding it but years of neglect has not only left a scar, it is also sad and sulking. The more it sulks, the more I get drawn to it. I hold it in my arms, rock it gently, murmur words seeking forgiveness. I hope some day it will embrace me back and liberate me. For I now know, I was its servant and not the other way round.

I also realise now, to hear the noise within, you need silence without. To experience movement, one needs to know stillness. The Zen is not outside, it is inside – in the disguise of noise. Be still and you will hear that noise within and at its core you will find silence. You will find stillness.

I will find my way somehow. Will you?


About Sujit –

I was born into a family tree that had Drgadas Bandhopadhyay as a patriarch whose memoir of the 1857 revolt of Bareilly – Bangali Bidrohi – is the only record of the mutiny recorded by any Indian. I guess the writer gene comes from there. Born in Lucknow, I grew up in Patna where my primary education was provided by Irish Brothers at St. Michael’s School. I finished my post-graduation in Psychology from Patna University with scholarship but ended up becoming a tour operator instead of a Psychologist. Which was good since it took me all over the world and I started getting interested in healing and shamans. I joined Pranic Healing courses and became a certified healer. Today I both heal as well as read Tarot cards. Married to a Rajasthani Bengali, without any children but for both my parents, I continue to work in tourism and live in Delhi. This is my first work in fiction that took me over 3 years to complete. As I hobby I gather stories and few of them got crafted into Rukhsat The Departure.

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