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Why wail

This is a proud moment for me. This guest post is written by my mom – Sunanda Mrinal as part of the 6th anniversary celebration of my blog. She recently started her blog – Raisin specially for senior citizens. Do check out other posts by her and share the blog link with your parent, in-laws, uncles, aunts, neighbours and other senior members who you think might enjoy reading it.


Sometimes in our surroundings, we see a baby suffering from cancer or from any other fatal disease and we feel very sorry for him and think ,”Oh! Why does such innocent baby is suffering? This baby doesn’t even know the word ‘sin’, then why is God punishing him?” Sometimes we see our close relative or a close friend, who is really a virtuous person, yet he is facing big problems one after another for so many years, again we wail for him and ask “ why”? Sometimes we listen a news that there is an accident and all the passengers in that bus, jeep or car died, while they were returning from a pilgrimage. Again there is a wail in our minds. Sometimes there is natural calamity like earthquake,deluge and many living beings have to die. On such occasions there are so many wails in our minds.

Generally, it is believed in every religion that a sinful person can’t enjoy for a long period in his life, he has to suffer the punishment given by God in the same life. But in above mentioned examples the innocent and virtuous persons have to suffer the punishment. For such above mentioned examples, there is also a theory in our religion that now in this life they are really good persons, but perhaps in their previous life, they might have committed sins. To control the sins and to encourage morality in society, above both theories work well and after all this is question of everyone’s beliefs. Respecting their beliefs, I have a doubt in my mind that if the above persons are innocent in this life, living very virtuously and if they don’t know which sin of which life they are suffering for, then what is the use of such punishment? Means imagine, when you were 5,6 years old, you had stolen any pencil or eraser from your friend, and now when you are 40 years old, matured person, your father coming and slapping you for that previous theft. Is this justifiable?

After all He is God, and we , the human beings are incapable to understand His purposes and to understand our fate. Then how can we blame Him? So the only solution before us is to accept life as it is, to face the problems and to find out some happy moments to sprinkle over our dry life. Two days ago, I saw a very touching video on social media of a two years old child, who gave the same message to the world. That child has no hands and no legs since birth, yet he was enjoying his life. In the video his elder sister is seen playing on a slide and the child also wants to play on that slide. So he himself is trying to climb on that slide without anyone’s help. He was really crawling to move. His mother asked him if he needs any help, but he declined her help, climbed that slide’s two steps and went down the slide, and after success, he was laughing and enjoying the game. Really a salute to the child.

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Sunanda is a retired civil advocate, who practised law for almost 20 years. As the first lady advocate in her tehsil, district co-ordinator of Grahak Panchayat, member of legal head committee, Ex-Vice President of a credit co-operative society, ex-president of a private primary school, member of Mahila Dakshata Samiti she has graced honourable positions of many social institutions.


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