An explorer at heart, Gayatri is a strong, independent & dynamic woman who quit her corporate job to follow her heart. She loves to visit places with distinct character. She feels that people mostly visit widely advertised tourist attractions while many offbeat destinations are far more beautiful than them. It sparked the idea for writing Off Beats. 

Off Beats – Unique travel destinations

Off Beats is about journey to 26 unique destinations across 6 countries – England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, India & Malaysia. With each of these trips, I evolved as an individual; I brought back something with me (no… not souvenirs but new perspectives). It was like reaching out to a plate in front of me. Every bite I took out of that plate brought a new taste full of surprises to me, sometimes it was bittersweet and sometimes it was tangy, but each of them was equally tasty and satisfying. Some of those trips revealed unknown strengths and weaknesses in me while some of them helped me face my fears and overcome those.

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A lot can be said in less than 50 words. Tiniature is a tiny story proving just that. #Tiniature started as a personal challenge to be able to write one tiny story every day in July 2017. As people started joining in, the personal challenge become a grand celebration of creativity. With almost 600 tiniature shared by 60+ participants over 31 days the challenge became overwhelming. Although it was started as a 1-month challenge, all the participants found it hard to bid adieu to it. So it continues on every Friday. Login to Twitter and search for the hastag for the latest dose of these tiny stories.