Consolation – Photo Flash Fiction #FridayFotoFiction


This story is written as part of Friday Foto Fiction. It is a Weekly Blog Hop to celebrate fiction writing co-hosted by Tina & Mayuri. They give a photo prompt every week and participants need to write a flash fiction based on the photo in 100-150 words.


Their eyes met. He understood in an instant.

Few tears and many sighs later he sought a word in private with her. They hesitated. She held her breath until they nodded reluctantly.

Nobody spoke until they reached the café.

“I am tired… tired of mourning. Don’t get me wrong. I loved him with all my heart, you know I did. But I am tired of proving it every day. I can’t talk to other men, can’t step out of the house” she broke down.

He had witnessed their love from the day all three of them stepped inside college gate, had been both of their best friend for last 15 years.

The accidental death of Sudhir had left him numb and her as a prisoner. He was glad he could buy some moments of freedom for her. He patted her hand and assured her that things will be alright.



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