Book Review : A to Z – poem for an Idiom

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Why A to Z – poem for an Idiom by Prakash Hegade?

I know Prakash from NaNoWriMo 2016. He was true inspirer, taking lead, arranging virtual write ups and encouraging us all to join in. When I first found out about his theme in A to Z Challenge, it amazed me – An idiom for that day’s alphabet followed by poetry!

I will be honest, poetry is not my cup of tea. Whenever I attempted to write poetry, it didn’t look anything like one remotely. As a result, I have the utmost respect for those who write beautiful poetry. Prakash has taken it to a whole new level by taking up an idiom for an alphabet and write poetry for that. I was awestruck by the creativity behind the idea.

Highlights of the book

I finished the book in one go. I couldn’t keep it down once I started enjoying it. The best part was all of them were so simple, poetic and yet logical (I always thought logic & poetry don’t go hand in hand).

My Takeaways from the book

Below are my personal favourites from the book,

C – Clear as mud

G – Guinea pigs

H – Hop skip and jump

I – ichi-go ichi-e

K – Kangaroo court

M – Mind your P’s and Q’s

P – Pyrrhic Victory

U – Ugly duckling

W – Walk a mile in my shoes

Z – Zip it

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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