At last…. – Photo Flash Fiction #FridayPhotoFiction


This story is written as part of Friday Foto Fiction. It is a Weekly Blog Hop to celebrate fiction writing co-hosted by Tina & Mayuri. They give a photo prompt every week and participants need to write a flash fiction based on the photo in 100-150 words.


Rey was trembling. His palms were sweaty and cold. Luke’s knees were about to give away. They looked at each other and held each other’s hands; just the way they used to, so many years ago.

Supporting each other without a single word, they walked all the way to the cliff. Rey fell to his knees and broke into tears.

They had returned to the place for the first time after that fateful night when their parents fell off this cliff. Luke was 7 and Rey was only 5. They had finally found the courage to visit the spot.



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