Mental Health – Are you really healthy? A guest post by Varsha Bagadia

Mental Health

This post is written by Varsha Bagadia as part of the 6th anniversary celebration of my blog.


“Would you please listen to me? I’m not talking nonsense or have completely lost it. I know that with the blessings in my life I’m not allowed to feel victimised and there are a whole lot of other lesser fortunate people around me who would give a limb to be in my place. Yet, I maintain that people fail to see the umpteen thorns below that bed of roses which poke me endlessly, day in and day out.”

Have you had someone say this to you, in all earnestness, and wanted nothing more than a patient ear to hear out their woes? I did, and it wasn’t pleasant. This friend of mine is an accomplished designer and has travelled the world. On personal front though she has had a spate of bad relationships and has felt suicidal many times. Her work is getting affected and the once happy-go-lucky girl is fast becoming an eyesore. Sadly, when suggested professional help she vehemently denied it.

Every one of us is fighting a personal battle and, in this world of technology, mostly alone. With nuclear families household and parental responsibilities have increased multifold and the struggle to get food on the dinner table has ensured that we get to spend lesser time together as a family. Stress has become a dreaded but constant companion. Lifestyle and stress-related diseases are on the rise. Why then do we want to live in denial and pretend that everything is ok?

The dogmas attached to it or the ignorance regarding it might be the main reasons why mental health patients fear to come out clean about it. Seeking professional help for any other ailment is normal but when it comes to mental well-being it is still considered embarrassing. Added to that is the wrong perception that one might get dependent upon prescription medicines that doctors wrongly recommend. One can always crosscheck and reconfirm that too, right?
Depression is that slow poison that systematically shuts down one part of you after another, sometimes even without your own knowledge. Seemingly perfect families might have a severely depressed person amongst them and possibly never realise it.

The only way to identify it is by carefully observing some common symptoms which might range from loss of appetite and sluggishness to isolation, disinterest or moodiness. If one is vigilant, they aren’t too hard to spot.
If anyone claims that he/she had never felt depressed in life, either that person is a role model we all need to look up to or is living in denial and needs to be alerted at the earliest. Remember, the biggest smiles try to hide the saddest truths. Fruitful communication is the key. A pat on the back, conversations over cups of coffee or holding hands of our loved ones in the time of need is the least we can do, isn’t it?

Keep all channels to reach you open, listen to them and, if possible, make them smile. Who knows, it might just make their day.


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A Mechanical engineer and Finance post-graduate, Varsha Bagadia has professional experience in Banking and Software. Career break post motherhood reintroduced her to her love for writing. She is now a passionate blogger, an aspiring author, freelance content writer and an editor. She is an enterprising cook and her interests vary from travelling and nature photography to food photography and food blogging. Mother to two adorable kids, she considers herself capable of donning various hats with ease, as and when need be!

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