Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Originally published on LinkedIn


Raise your hand if you are struggling to improve your search rank while ignoring the negative sentiments on Social media and third party complaints websites. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

I have had instances where companies don’t understand that too much negative comments on Social media or third party websites such as can affect their search rank. The way they perceive digital presence are individual bubbles for each – Google rank, Alexa rank, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram wall, YouTube channel, anything else.

The fact is they are all interlinked and you never know which one of them is adversely affecting the other. Some companies don’t even know that ignoring all the negative comments can cost them dearly.

Position of a website is not restricted to Google only. Google gathers data from innumerable sources such as general sentiments on Social media and external websites. These days it is difficult to disappoint customers and to get away with it. Slightest mistake or delay in service or Customer support or one wrong strategic decision can lead to a flood of negative comments.

Efforts to shove those posts, comments under the carpet or disable the opportunity to let customers speak their mind on your channel can only worsen the situation. You can’t quieten someone by closing your ears. The only way to handle such situation is to up your game.

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